Our mission: to make happy millions of people. Period.

Welcome to WORRYbeHAPPY (WbH)!

I’m Paco Cantero, and together with my partner/friend/companion in life, Tito Rodriguez, we have decided to create, with a lot of illusion and work (as always), this project. It will be the third in common, after Neozink and Picofino.

In this case, I will be the visible face, writing all the content of the site.

Decades ago I learnt that sharing is key to achieve HAPPINESS , and that’s what I’m going to do here: SHARING.

I will define what HAPPINESS is for me, and I will make simple the complexity of the human being to reach it.

A great majority knows the song “Don’t worry be happy”. Even though it refers to downplaying things, which is good, I wanted to give it a twist because I believe that HAPPINESS should “worry” or rather “occupy” us. Looking and “working” at it is how we will reach it.

With sincerity, humility, pragmatism, humor and simple language I am going to present you with ideas, tools and techniques that have been widely tested by me, and that will be very useful on your way to HAPPINESS.

I want to save you time, to inspire you, to open the doors to paths that, if you want, you can continue to expand and learn on your own.

In my life, a simple book, a simple phrase, a mere conversation, a person, has meant GREAT POINTS OF INFLECTION. Here I want to be that trigger that allows you to take your life where you want, where you desire, where you deserve.


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3 Techniques to Save Energy and Boost Your Productivity

3 Techniques to Save Energy and Boost Your Productivity

Energy is the essence of life. Energy: “the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity”. You have a limited amount of energy within each day. You start with your tank full and, little by little, you spend it. That’s why you have to take...

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Become a PRODUCTIVITY MACHINE in just 7 days!