18 Prompts Your PKM May Give You to Start Talking to It

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You can find 2 ways to start talking to your PKM:

  1. Reviews.
  2. Links.

Let’s dive in!

1. Reviews

Your reviews can be the easiest way to start talking to your PKM.

By using the prompts I’ll share with you, you’ll see you’re forcing yourself to begin chatting with your PKM.

It’s as simple as replying to those prompts.

1.1 Daily Reviews

Each day you can ask yourself these questions.

At the beginning of the day:

  • What are your goals for today?

At the end of the day:

  • What worked and why?
  • What didn’t work and why?
  • Did you do X today?

1.2 Weekly Reviews

Each week, during your weekly reviews, you can analyze all these things:

  • What do I have to be grateful for?
  • What do I have to improve?
  • What did I learn?
  • What’s my mood?
  • What are my wins?
  • What are my losses?

1.3 Monthly Reviews

Each month, your critical questions should be these:

  • What should I start doing?
  • What should I stop doing?
  • What should I keep doing?

1.4 Quarterly Reviews

Every quarter, the analysis should go deeper.

You should pay attention to 5 different elements:

  1. Pillars.
  2. Topics.
  3. Roles.
  4. Priorities.
  5. Status.

Pillars are consolidated areas in your life. Things you have to pay attention to. Examples: growth, work, or your family.

Your prompt: Are the key elements in my life under control?

Topics are subjects you’re interested in.

They’re like the highways of your life in a certain period.

Examples (in my case): mental models, decision-making process, or PKM.

Your prompt: Am I dedicating time to the things that matter to me the most?

Roles are the different “hats” you wear in your life.

Examples: son, father, or husband.

Your prompt: Am I paying attention to the ones I love?

Priorities show you the things you should pay attention to.

Your prompt: Are my priorities right?

Status indicates how your projects, tasks, and to-dos are.

Your prompt: What are the critical items that are still pending?

2. Links

Links are an essential element in your PKM.

Whenever you have ideas or tasks, you should try to make connections between them.

The more connections you create, the more your PKM will surprise you showing you links you had forgotten.

By seeing those connections and links, a lot of questions will appear.

Replying to them will make you improve, going deep into knowledge, creating new projects, developing new ideas.


  • Talking to your PKM should be a daily routine.
  • If you consolidate it, you’ll see how wonderful the experience is.
  • Use your reviews and links to begin with. Later on, everything will come out naturally.


Photo by Frank Leuderalbert on Unsplash.