7 Amazing Podcasts You Have to Listen to If You Want to Learn and Grow as an Entrepreneur

Nov 1, 2020

There are lots of inventions that completely changed my life.

Podcasts allowed me to listen to EXACTLY the content I want, WHEN I want, and WHERE I want.

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But there’s a day in your life in which you invest 20 bucks in a small device, and that changes your life. That’s how life goes…

Podcasts made it possible to create time for you. A time you wasted not so many years ago.

1/4 of the year dedicated to training.

The Superhuman Academy Podcast (Jonathan Levi)

Mind & Machine (August Bradley)

Not Overthinking (Ali & Tiamur Abdaal)

Scale Up Your Business (Nick Bradley)

I love pragmatic people, and he’s one of them.

The Knowledge Project (Shane Parrish, Farnam Street)

If you want to learn new things from great people, here you have it.

The Daily Stoic (Ryan Holiday)

I love philosophy because it is the essence of human beings. There is when you can find out answers to life’s big questions.

The Tim Ferriss Show (Tim Ferriss)


Learning will make you improve, evolve, be a better version of yourself, grow, feel proud of your life. Feeling you are not wasting your time on this planet.

Finding time I haven’t before the podcast era has been a great discovery for me.

Photo at the top courtesy of FPVmat A on Unsplash.

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