Who I am

I like to define myself as a “goal achiever”.

I believe human beings are programmed to accomplish things in life, to evolve, to progress.

That gives you security, fulfillment, and, lastly, HAPPINESS.

There isn’t a greater goal in life than HAPPINESS. And I made it!

I go to bed every night with the sensation that what I do has a meaning, and when I look at how I live and how I feel, everything makes sense.

I’m even motivated to be better every day, to achieve new goals, to improve.

From my experience, this is what life is for.

I was born in Cádiz, Spain, in 1976. I started programming when I was 8, and never stopped until I was 26. I’m an engineer in computer science. I studied in Madrid, a city I love, living in it since 1994.

I worked in multinational companies for 5 years, mainly in big consulting companies such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers or Accenture, until I decided to create my own project in 2002, starting as a hostess agency, continuing as an entertainment one.

In 2003 I met Tito Rodriguez, my partner/friend/companion in life since then.

We created Neozink, a global marketing agency.

In 2019, we created Picofino, a spirits brand.

In 2020, we created WORRYbeHAPPY, a project to help people accomplish the GREATEST goal in anyone’s life: HAPPINESS.

My next great goal in life is to help you achieve it.

I’m 100% sure we can make it together.

Let’s go for it!

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