Straight to the Point: 3 Easy-To-Implement Techniques to Achieve Your Goals

Nov 1, 2020

I define myself as a “goal-achiever”.

We think we have evolved a lot, but we’re not very far away from the spear and the mammoth.

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1. Highlight of the day

As I said above, you will never succeed because you did 1 great thing. You’ll succeed because you do hundreds or thousands of small things.

2. Focus

I have one rule: I cannot have more than 3 items in the two first ones (morning and afternoon).

Using a toggle is critical because whenever I have planned my day, I close all toggles but the “morning section” one.

You sleep well every night because YOU HAVE DONE THINGS, and you have felt it.

3. Goals

I call them goals, but they’re really TASKS I want to do.

That gives me the functionality of always be doing what I’m supposed to do on my way to accomplish my goals.


Being productive shouldn’t be tough. Life is simple, as our systems should be.

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