This Daily Routine Will Allow You to Perform at your Best as an Entrepreneur

Nov 30, 2020

I’m a pragmatic guy.

I’ve been focused on performance all my life.

I love:

  • doing things,
  • learning,
  • improving,
  • being a better version of myself day by day.

Evolving is key to me. Life doesn’t make any sense without it.

When I was young (well, I’d say younger to motivate myself), I focused all my attention on things I could touch, watch, listen to…

I was only living in the physical world. Pragmatism took me there.

As one gets older, spirituality knocks on your door.

You start to listen to it because:

  • It catches your attention.
  • It gives you a totally new vision of the world, what surrounds you, yourself.

It’s when you begin understanding you, as a human being, have something more than physical sensations.

Mindset starts growing inside your head.

I could say I started that journey in my 30s.

I started:

  • investigating,
  • reading books,
  • looking for information,
  • noticing how important mindset is in your life to perform better, to become the goal achiever we all want to be.

It was in my 40s when I speeded up the process.

The more responsibilities I got, the more I needed to control my mind, states, feelings, and sensations.

That’s the moment in which I balanced mind and body.

Call it ying-yang, red-blue, 0s-1s, or whatever. I simply name it LIFE.

Becoming a more spiritual person drove me:

  • To overcome many obstacles,
  • lots of tough situations,
  • having the energy to start new projects, new businesses, new ways of living.

Spirituality will drive your performance to unexpected levels.

We’re not talking here about mysticism, we’re talking about fulfillment as a whole.

You will think, develop, perform, enjoy, and live at levels you could never have imagined because you didn’t know they existed.

To measure as much as you can is critical to appreciate how you evolve, without falling into obsession, without wasting too much time, trying to make it effortlessly.

For the last decade, I’ve been working on it, and right now, I think I have a system that combines everything, allowing me to give:

  • Time to my spirituality.
  • Measure, control, and security.
  • Growth at its highest level.

That’s why I will share with you this “simple little” habit.

It means a lot to me, I’m able to practice it daily, effortlessly, and it gives me a lot of information to know if I’m moving forward to achieve my goals.

Morning Startup

Before starting my working day, I write down these easy-to-do points:

  1. Today’s mood. How do I feel today?
  2. Today’s goals. Just 2 or 3 things that, if they’re done, I’ll feel satisfied.
  3. Highlight of the day. The one thing I have to do today to say it was a successful day.
  4. Visualization. Imagine how the perfect day will be.

End of the Day

  1. Gratitude. What am I grateful for?
  2. Learned. What did I learn?
  3. Accomplishments. What did I accomplish?
  4. Disappointments. What did I fail?
  5. Journal entry. Whatever is in my head, I just write it down. That releases my mind, and the freedom sensation is really comfortable!

What this routine allows me

This routine takes me 15 minutes in the morning startup and another 15 minutes at the end of the day.

For me, these routines are like the starting shot and the arrival flag.

It’s a time invested, not wasted, because I get into the right mindset to perform at my peak level without stressing, rushing, or having any adverse action that drives me to underperforming.

This daily tracking is made easy. It gives me a lot of information for my weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reviews, saving me time and giving me that bird’s eye I need to perfectly know if I’m moving towards my goals or not.

In our rushing lives, you need seeking time to stop, analyze things, take control of what you’re doing or needs to be done.

Life is not a 100 meters race. It’s a marathon. You need to pause, think, calm down.

All this process is key to mental stability, balancing our mind and body, and feeling great.


As I said initially, I thought this was stupid, nonsense, and a total waste of time. Once again, I was wrong.

The more you learn about your mind, your brain, that fantastic machine which creates awesome outcomes, you’ll give sense to your life, and you’ll start your way to fulfillment, the one you know will take you to happiness.

Photo at the top courtesy of Rob Schreckhise on Unsplash.

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