Why Duplicating Data in 2 Apps of Your PKM Is Not a Drama If Your Workflow Is Well-Defined

2 min read

People are usually obsessed with using only one app for their whole PKM.

I disagree. Here’s why.

Updating 2 apps or systems is dangerous if your workflow is complex.

You can forget things, generating inconsistency between the two systems.

You can burn out by having to write things twice.

That’s why I always say it’s workflows that matter.

If your workflows are solid as a rock, you can start to get the most out of each app because each app has strengths.

I state (maybe I’m wrong) it’s impossible to manage your PKM with just one app.

If you take it that way, you’ll miss something.

It’s like a surgeon or a handyman trying to use a scalpel or hammer for everything.

As a knowledge worker, you should bet on a toolbox to use, at each moment, the best app to implement that part of your workflow.

If you take all the strengths of an app and eliminate its weaknesses, you’ll have the PKM of your dreams.

I’ll share 2 examples of using the same workflow and different apps.

My workflow says I need to differentiate between a bird’s eye view and a “microscopic” view.

To better understand it:

  • I need a global vision to clearly see my goals, projects, and big tasks.
  • I need a deeper view that tells me all the little tiny tasks I need to perform to accomplish them.

Over time, I’ve implemented that workflow in 2 different combinations.

Combination 1: Notion & Obsidian

I combined the power of Notion’s databases to have that bird’s eye view with the power of Obsidian’s plain text to write down and control all the small to-dos I need to perform.

Combination 2: Motion & Mem

I kept the same workflow when I moved from the Notion/Obsidian tandem to Motion/Mem.

I use Motion to have that wide bird’s eye view.

I use Mem as the perfect system to manage those little tiny tasks.


There’s no pain in duplicating data if your workflow is clearly defined.

In fact, your PKM is more consistent because you’re adding an additional layer of backup that makes it impossible for you to forget anything.

Take the best from every app. Avoid what they are not good at.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash.