Why Moving from House to House Will Increase Your Performance

Dec 18, 2020

13 houses, 13 homes.

That’s what I made my whole life.

Each and every house I’ve lived in became my home, no matter if it was old, new, big, or small.

Home is a concept we draw into our minds. It’s totally subjective. I love subjective things because they give you power.

The power to choose how you’ll manage that item, that thought.

Nobody can convince you a house is not your home. It’s 100% up to you.

I love when things only depend on me. I learned throughout my life that it’s possible for everything.

When you achieve that state, life changes. You become a calm person. You feel well, comfortable, confident. Everything depends on you, how you see things and the world.

I love when a year finishes because feeling everything starts from scratch again is indescribable.

If you combine:

  • Looking back and forgetting everything…
  • … with looking forward and imagining everything…

… it gives you that sense of freedom we human beings appreciate so much.

Releasing yourself from the bonds gives you fuel for your ambitions, productivity, and performance.

Moving from house to house has been an amazing experience for me.

It’s starting a new life: new places, new sights, new corners, new caches, new people, and new feelings.

Your body and mind feel uncomfortable, and that’s good.

You’re out of your routine. Out of your comfort zone.

It’s a way to let you know things can become better. You don’t know that until you test it by yourself.

Your mind begins to learn change can be part of your life.

That’s an excellent skill because many times changes are imposed. They’re not your decision. It’s others or that of the circumstances. But your brain is already prepared to manage it.

From my perspective, feeling comfortable with changes is one of the most critical skills to work on nowadays.

Any project you undertake in your life will be full of changes, full of things you don’t expect. You’ll have to improvise, to call the shots.

Whenever I move to a new house, I feel like I’m starting my life again.

My brain opens up to new desires, new projects, new goals, new motivations, new illusions…

That “new” sensation has no limits:

  • It propels me to infinity.
  • I feel limitless.
  • No boundaries.
  • Nothing can stop me.

A house is in itself a physical limitation. You have walls, floors, ceilings.

I love houses because I love interior design.

Houses are important to me because I love going back home and feeling comfortable, nice, and cozy.

I feel free inside my house but, at the same time, I love moving from one to another, forcing my brain to change.

When you’re used to feeling uncomfortable, you start feeling comfortable with it.

It’s a play on words that works.

Being open-minded is key in life. The more you practice it, the better you will perform in any area of life.

When I was a kid, I practiced it just by moving my room’s furniture. It sounds stupid, but these type of experiments help your mind to manage change.

Change of sensations, feelings, positions, experiences.

You can perfectly combine feeling “safe and sound” at home, enjoying it at the highest level, with that “no boundaries” policy.

Breaking all floors, ceilings, and walls will empower you to face any challenge in your life.

  • You won’t be tied to anything.
  • You will be ready for what this world is all about.

Life is flexible. Many variables can affect it. You have to be prepared to deal with that scenario.

Be flexible. Be strong. Feel powerful.

Photo at the top courtesy of JCS Chen on Unsplash.

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