Why Should You Focus on Workflows Instead of Apps in Your PKM System?

2 min read

People are usually obsessed with apps. I’m not, although I’m an "app geek".

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to apps.

I do.

In fact, I pay a lot of attention to them, making tests every day.

The point is: they’re not the ultimate goal.

They’re just a means to that end.

It’s a subtle difference, but it’s the subtleties that move you forward in life.

Workflows, instead, are "the thing".

Why is that?

Because workflows show you:

  1. How you process information to create an output based on an input.
  2. How to think and improve your thinking process.

Thinking is the ultimate goal.

So, what’s the goal of apps?

Apps are just a tool to:

  1. Help your thinking process.
  2. Polish your workflow.
  3. Make you more productive.
  4. Leverage.
  5. Store info for future thinking.

You can easily change of app. It’s not when referring to workflows.

Workflows should be a long-lasting tool.

It’s overtime that you polish, improve, and make them shine.

Your life will shine as your workflows do.


Whenever a new app appears, look at it, test it, see how it fits your workflow.

Use the app to brighten your it.

Use the app to generate more, better, and faster outcomes.

Apps come and go.

Your workflows evolve throughout your life. And you with them.


Photo by EJ Strat on Unsplash.