10 Reasons Why I Do Love Using Ulysses App to Write My Posts

Jan 15, 2021

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A tool for writers.

That’s what Ulysses is. Period.

Don’t try to look at it as a word processor or a note-taking app.

If you go that way, you’ll be disappointed.

I always say one must use each app or software for what’s been developed.

Focus on the core of any application, and you will never be upset.

Just one more thing before moving on. I’m so sorry to say this app is only for Apple users… but you know… I’m an Apple geek…

1. A blank screen

When I start writing a post, I just want in front of me 2 things:

  1. A blank screen.
  2. A blinking cursor.

The first one gives me peace, calm, concentration, focus.

The second one gives me motivation. It’s telling me: Go for it!

Ulysses allows me to just have those 2 elements on my screen.

A huge canvas on which to express myself.

2. A narrow column

That’s where you write using Ulysses.

You don’t have huge lines and big paragraphs.

You don’t even need to move your eyes to read your whole line.

This feature increases your focus and attention to just one minimal and specific area on your screen.

You’re just looking ahead, not at your sides, directly to your future.

3. Markdown

I love Markdown.

I just need two features when using this markup language:

  1. Bold.
  2. Headings.

Again, no complications. Simple life.

These markdown features help me to create a structure when writing quickly.

Just using bold and/or headings, I can create a basic structure and, later on, describe more precisely what’s inside each concept.

This easy-to-do structure lets me skim my text and see how I’m deconstructing my general idea, the points I’m touching, the sections I’m creating.

A bird’s eye view of all my content.

4. No mouse needed

I can make all the operations above (markdown) and much more without moving my fingers from my keyboard.

No mouse needed.

A writer must always have his/her hands where they belong: the keyboard.

5. Plain text

I love plain text.

I don’t need anything else to write my thoughts, ideas, and creativity.

Plain text is clean. I can copy and paste it without hesitation.

I can move my ideas to other apps to be processed if needed.

I will never forget those times when using word processors copying, and paste features made me feel scared when pasting because anything could appear on my screen.

Plain text equals:

  • No strange characters.
  • No strange symbols.
  • No disappearances.

Everything keeps in its place.

6. Grammar corrections

As I write, Ulysses tells me if I’m making mistakes (both spelling or grammar) on the go, no matter the language I’m using (I write in English and Spanish… and even French).

Even though I use Grammarly when my post is done, this first cleaning optimizes a lot of the editing process.

Nowadays, the software makes you a better writer.

7. Hierarchical organization

Ulysses organizes its texts in “sheets”, but you can group sheets into groups and even create groups inside others.

That makes it possible to have a clear hierarchical organization for all your content based on your criteria.

An organized content helps an organized mind.

8. Amazing sync

It doesn’t matter if I’m with my iPhone, iPad, or Macbook.

Ulysses is waiting for me with all my sheets updated.

Just 3 easy-to-do steps:

  1. Taking my device.
  2. Launching the app.
  3. Writing.

Even an all-thumbs guy like me executes this process in seconds or even less.

I have everything exactly as I left it, no matter the device I’m using.

My content everywhere, wherever I want it.

9. Amazing search

It could sound like a foolish feature, but I emphasize it because I know many apps that searching is, literally, a pain in the ass.

Ulysses’ searching feature is fast, accurate, and fantastic.

Searching something all over the content you’ve generated within years is priceless.

10. Quickly statistics about your text

If you want to see how things are going, you can open the statistic area to have your sheet’s most important info:

  • Character count.
  • Word count.
  • Reading time.
  • Tags.
  • Structure, based on your headers.
  • Links.

I want you to pay attention to the last two items because they’re pretty useful.

The structure allows you to see how you organized your content. The excellent point is that they’re links, so you can directly navigate to that section of your sheet just by clicking on it.

The links section shows you all the links your document has. It’s terrific to have them all together because you can quickly test them and see if they work correctly.

Knowing all your sheet’s stats in such a tiny place, so clear, is all I need to hit “publish”.


Minimalism, cleanliness, clarity, peace, calm, focus, comfortable…

It’s the writer’s perfect atmosphere.

You don’t even need a little push to start writing. You will be wishing and looking forward to it.

I could be listing all day long features and more features, but that’s not this article’s goal.

My goal is to introduce you, dear writer, a friend that:

  • will always be with you in your solitude,
  • as a right partner that never fails,
  • that will give its best to help you,
  • to make your life easier,
  • to motivate you,
  • to push you to your best.

You will have no excuse not to write. At least, not with the software you use.

Photo at the top courtesy of Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash.


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