WbH Manifesto

You. Yes, you. You deserve to be happy.

I'm sure you're a good person, responsible, caring and concerned about your family and friends, who works hard every day, who wants to give the best to society, who takes on responsibilities far beyond your capacity.

Yes, you. This is all about you.

You should learn how to be happy. It's not something that's just going to appear out of thin air.

You cannot just leave things to their own to see "what happens". It's your responsibility to define the way and follow it.

It's something you have to make happen.

This should be taught in schools because it's our ultimate goal as human beings. Everyone on earth just wants to be happy.

It's not something you have in your DNA.

It's a skill to learn, train, apply, and see how it becomes a reality.

Something you can create. Something you should create.

The moment you understand this, you're on your way.

Because it's yours. Only yours.

Assume this responsibility.

The better you are, the better you'll make feel those around you, the ones you care about, the ones you love.

It's not romanticism. It's not selfishness.

It's logic and pragmatism at its best. Maybe the highest you've ever seen, thought or looked for.

It's worth it. You deserve it.

Let's make this happen.