19 Immediate Benefits You Can Get Becoming Paperless

Nov 1, 2020

I hate paper.

I’m sorry to say it this way because I always try to avoid using radical terminology, but it’s true.

In my opinion, the more paperless you become, the more productive you are.

So, as usually happens, we’re talking here about a skill that affects your whole life.

1. Boost your creativity

2. Write everywhere

3. Write at any time

4. Access your information everywhere

The other day, once again, I did appreciate being paperless.

5. Read everywhere / Increase your reading time effortless

You can’t imagine how many reading hours you can take out of idle time!

6. Don’t forget anything

What is written is never forgotten.

7. Security

8. Boost your writing speed

9. Search anything

10. Time-saving

11. Easy-to-share

12. Easy access to your reading highlights

13. Easy-to-use 4 highlight levels

14. Easier ways to organize your information

15. Save any kind of information

16. Notifications

17. Clearness

We need clarity in a mess and clutter world, manipulating a massive amount of information every day.

18. Peace of mind

19. Help the planet


Time is money, but today, even more.

If you want to remember my 19 reasons to become paperless, here you got the list (don’t forget to write them down, even on paper):

Photo at the top courtesy of Steve Johnson on Unsplash.

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