3 Smart Reasons to Try As Many Apps As You Can Without Seeing Them As Competitors

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Many times people see apps as competitors. I disagree.

People usually fight all over the Internet trying to defend “their positions”.

  • Roam vs Obsidian
  • Evernote vs Craft
  • Notion vs the rest of the world!

First off, I think life shouldn’t be a competition.

Life should be an easy river you enjoy and grow with it.

That’s a more constructive and positive approach.

Avoid aggressive approaches. It’s worth it!

Then, why not see apps:

  • As a different way to improve yourself?
  • As a different way to make the best out of them?
  • As part of a solution to your problems?

Why Should You Always Try as Many Apps as Possible?

Reason 1: Joy

Yes, in my case, it gives me joy.

I love apps and software. I admire developers because I’ve been there, coding for 20 years in a row. I perfectly know how difficult it is.

Seeing and enjoying those awesome and beautiful apps is a pleasant experience.

Reason 2: Approach

You see and study different approaches to solve the same problem.

That gives you an open mindset.

Remember: an open mindset will always take you to better places in life.

”You can always substantially change how intelligent you are.” — Carol S. Dweck

Reason 3: Workflow

Seeing different apps will always improve your workflow.

It’ll inspire you.

Inspiration is your fuel to progress, change things, and evolve.

It’s a way for you to make “that move”, that “little push” to improve it a little (or big) bit.

Whenever you improve your workflow, you improve your life.

Last Thoughts

I’ve concluded this: most of the time, apps are not competitors. They’re always complementary perspectives on your life.

They will always consolidate your workflow, filling the gaps you’re missing.


  • Maybe software companies can see competitors but not you as a user. You better take the best out of them.Be pragmatic. Be smart!


Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash.