5 Critical Things I Will Teach My Son to Have a Life of Fulfillment

Dec 21, 2020

I’d like to know all the things I know but being 15 years old.

That’s a typical quote most of us say, at least once in our lives.

It’s true.

If I knew all the things I know today and I’d be much younger (I was born in 1976), maybe my life would be better. Or maybe not. Nobody knows.

Anyway, if you’re a father or mother like me, and you’re having a teenager “in your hands”, there are many things you want to share with your son or daughter.

You don’t want him to make the same failures you did. You want to save him time, not doing the “stupid” things you did in the past.

  • The point is human beings need experiences to learn from them. If you just use a theoretical frame, things won’t work.
  • You need physical evidence to understand why you’re doing what you’re doing. That’s how our brains work.
  • Finally, you have the environment. Our children’s is not the same as ours. That’s a variable to which you should also pay attention.

Anyway, I think I know things I would have liked my parents told me. They didn’t do it because they didn’t know anything about them.

I’m pretty sure I’m not teaching my son some knowledge that would be useful to him, but I don’t know it yet (and maybe I will never know it). This is something that will happen generation after generation. Don’t blame yourself because of that.

Here I share with you some knowledge I’m teaching my son. He appreciates it, although he still doesn’t understand why some of it can be useful.

Personal finances

Money is important in life.

It’s not the most important one, from my perspective, but it’s an asset that can drive you more comfortable to achieve your main goals in life.

I consider these basic concepts should be understood as soon as possible in anyone’s life:

  • Compound interest.
  • Creating the habit of making a monthly budget and sticking to it.
  • The importance of saving.
  • The importance of investing. Invest vs. expense.

Just with these 4 points, you can change anyone’s life.

Why not do it at an early stage?

Healthy lifestyle habits

Just let’s focus on these 3 points:

  • Food.
  • Sleep.
  • Physical exercise.

Obviously, he needs to enjoy his life. He’s not a monk, but just telling what it’s good for him on a long-term basis, I think it’s a must.

He’s the one who will choose his way, but, at least, I’ll try he will never forget these 3 items.


As a productivity geek, I know how this topic can change anyone’s life to become happier and live a life of fulfillment.

The sooner you get some basic procedures or techniques, the better they will implement into your life as a normal/basic/standard issue.

There are just 2 essential concepts I’m telling him:

  • How to make the most out of your time.
  • How to write down your goals and how to achieve them. The journey from goals to daily action items.

Habits and routines

You’re nothing else but the habits or routines you practice consistently.

2 basic concepts in here:

  • How essential habits and routines are to become the future self you’d like to be.
  • How to create and implement any habit or routine you’d like to perform consistently.

Personal growth

Too much for a teenager? I don’t think so.

Let’s go back to the basics:

  • Why personal growth is vital to give sense to your life.
  • The importance of having an open mindset in life. You can achieve everything you set out to do.
  • What techniques you can use.
  • What books or documentation should you read if you’re interested in specific topics.


Am I crazy for doing so? Maybe.

Is my son just going to listen to 15%-20% of what I’m saying? Pretty sure.

Is he going to apply just 5% or even less? Perhaps.

The point here is we’re creating a way of living.

Year by year, as he’s growing, he will see why some of these concepts are critical in his life. Then, he will ask for advice.

I didn’t start with meditation until 5 years ago. My son’s read at least one book about meditation last month. He was surprised by it. Is he meditating? Not at all.

Does he know that tool exists and maybe one day could be useful for him? Sure.

Our role as parents is to show our sons and daughters as much knowledge as we have.

Presenting them all the options we have known, experienced, studied, and tested by ourselves.

It’s their choice to decide if they’re useful or useless.

I will finish just saying one thing: I’m trying my best. And he knows it!

Photo at the top courtesy of Elisa Calvet B. on Unsplash.

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