7 Life-Changing Anarchic Rules to Dramatically Increase Your Productivity

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I admit it.

I’m a productivity geek.

I love setting:

  • Goals.
  • Projects.
  • Tasks.
  • Deadlines.

I love defining a path and feeling how I move towards my goals step by step.

I never thought I could find one of my best productivity tools in anarchy.

Anarchy: “a situation in which there is no organization and control.”

— Cambridge Dictionary

If you’re a productivity geek like me, I’m pretty sure anarchy is a taboo word.

Believe me, you’re wrong, as I was before applying all these “crazy” rules I will share with you in a moment.

  • Do you feel tired, even exhausted, and you would like to feel powerful as “The Lion King”?
  • Do you want to perform at your best?
  • Do you want to boost your happiness?

Here, I will tell you how you can say yes to all of the above questions.

Why Anarchy Will Bring Productivity and High-Performance to Your Life

We cannot perform at our best, without stopping, day by day.

We’re not machines. By the way, think that even machines break down if we don’t take care of them.

You cannot sustain your peak level hour by hour, day by day, week by week.

That’s why I introduced anarchy into my life, and I highly recommend you to do so.

”In the sense that anarchy equals freedom, yes. Anarchy means freedom, but it also means chaos.”

— Rei Kawakubo

I love anarchy on my weekends, even though I’m an organized guy.

I add anarchy to my weekends because I enjoy it. It’s like a release that I need to practice. Now, it has become a ritual.

In this article, I will list 7 anarchic rules I follow on all my weekends, sharing clear examples, as always, direct, pragmatic, direct-to-the-point, and easy-to-implement, so that you can put them into practice immediately.

Practice them every weekend without exception. That’s why human beings create rules. To follow them without hesitation.

Let’s dive in!

Rule 1: Don’t Look at the Time

It’s imperative you never look at your watch.

Forget about it.

Throw it away!

You’ve been all the week scheduling your time, creating time blocks, suffering because of your delays.

Human beings invented time to set goals, to put order into your life.

Now what you need is just the opposite:

  • Disorder.
  • Chaos.
  • Non-planned things.

You need to release your mind. To let it go. To be free!

How you can put it into practice:

  • Don’t wear your watch on your wrist.
  • Leave your phone as far away from you as possible.
  • Don’t ask anyone for the time.

Rule 2: Do Things That Are Different From the Ones You Usually Do

It’s very productive to have routines in your life.

I always say they allow you to perform at your best because you execute things on autopilot, without consuming energy, without thinking.

Now it’s the time to do just the opposite. Forget about your routines. Send them to hell!

Follow my advice.

How you can put it into practice:

  • During my weekends, when my wife gets up, we have breakfast, something I don’t do from Monday to Friday because I fast. That tells my brain today’s an entirely different day.

Rule 3: Don’t Schedule Anything at All

Forget about scheduling anything.

Let time go by. Don’t worry, you will live for many years.

You’re not wasting your time.

You’re enjoying your life and giving your body and mind the rest they deserve because they’ve been working like a dog for the whole week. 5 non-stop days.

How you can put it into practice:

  • My wife and I don’t make any plans on the weekends. We improvise.
    • Maybe a romantic dinner in a restaurant.
    • Maybe going to the cinema.
    • Maybe just a Netflix session watching series or movies.

No schedules. Untethered.

Rule 4: Do Things Just for the Sake of Doing Them

  • Why do you always need a reason to do something?
  • Why can’t you just do things for the sake of doing them?
  • Why don’t you perform things based on your mood?

You can do hundreds of things, but always depending on your mood, how you feel, what your body and mind demand.

Feel the pleasure of just not having anything to do.

How you can put it into practice:

  • During the weekends, my wife and I do things we enjoy just for the sake of doing them:
    • Maybe it’s time to read.
    • Maybe it’s time to check our social media.

Whatever we decide it’s the moment to do so.

Rule 5: Slow Things Down

Enjoy the moment, present time. Period.

Coffee, chat, laughs…

No rush. No hurry.

How you can put it into practice:

  • My wife and I, while having breakfast, chat quietly, there’s ambient music in the background. There’s no hurry at all.
  • Later on, we go for a walk with our dog.
    • We wander. No destination set. Just moving our feet, one after the other, in “slow-motion”.
      • Maybe we take a break on a terrace to have some aperitif.
  • We don’t care about lunchtime. Our stomachs will give us the info whenever they need it. Again, there’s no hurry at all.

Rule 6: Do the Things You Love the Most

Be kind to yourself. Do the things you love the most.

  • Do you love “DIY”? Do it!
  • Do you love reading? Do it!
  • Do you love running? Do it!
  • Do you love doing a handstand? Do it!

How you can put it into practice:

  • In my case, I get up early because I’m an early bird, but I don’t do it because I have to. I don’t even set my alarm. I just get up early because I love it.
  • Our home is in silence. No noise at all. I love silence.
  • I can read, write, do some work if I feel like that…
  • Later on, I practice yoga and meditation, have a cold shower, and wait for my family to wake up, while I keep doing the things I love the most.

Rule 7: Dedicate Time to the Ones You Love the Most

During the week, you do everything but give the ones you love the attention they deserve.

Be honest. You’re not at the right energy level. You devote neither the quantity nor the quality of time they deserve to those you love the most.

How you can put it into practice:

  • During my weekends, my wife and I share perfect moments talking about our life, our sons, our future.
  • We remember our best past moments.
  • Everything runs smoothly because our mood, the situation, our vibes are positive.

Last Thoughts

If you follow these rules, your weekends will be like a gigantic vacation.

It will seem they’ve been a whole week instead of just a couple of days.

It’ll be the slowdown your life needs, every 5 days.

It’ll be something that will lead you to your recovery process, the one any human being needs to go back to his/her origins, which are very far away from emails, alarms, goals, delays, and stress.

  • You will recharge your batteries.
  • You’ll be on fire on Monday.
  • You will perform at your highest level.

Isn’t it a good life to define what you will do in each moment, according to your preferences, emotions, and mood?

When will you do the things you like the most, enjoying them, savoring the moment, without hurry, sharing everything with the ones you love the most, at the right energy level?

When are you going to live?

Are you waiting to retire?

Be careful, you could die tomorrow. Sorry to tell you.

Bring anarchy to your life. Be natural. Be human. Enjoy it!

Photo at the top courtesy of Ugur Peker on Unsplash.