Discover an Easy Way to Manage “Tasks” & “To-Do’s” to Boost Your Productivity. They’re not the same!

Nov 1, 2020

We want to become “doers”, goal achievers.

Whenever you understand it, it’s life-changing.

Definition: “task” vs “to-do”

Important advice: this is a personal definition, but it works for me, and I hope it’ll be useful for you.

Managing “tasks” and managing “to-do’s”

You have to plan a “task”. You don’t need to plan a “to-do”.

Our brain is prepared to manage a few things at a time

That means 15–20 important “tasks” are done each week. For me, that equals success.

Our brain is prepared to manage “to-do’s”

You always have to think that your last goal is achieving a list of ordered items, a sequence of “to-do’s”.

Where have all our “to-do’s” gone?

Inside each batch “task”, I have a “to-do” list ordered by how they should be done.

The more you reduce your focus, the best your brain will feel.


Photo at the top courtesy of Brett Jordan on Unsplash.

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