How to Attract a Client and Make Him Loyal in Just One Meeting

Nov 3, 2020

We want to sell.

Or, at least, we need to do it to survive. That’s how life goes.

That can give you the sensation of being a predator.

If you’re a good person (and I’m pretty sure you are), that will bring you that annoying feeling of hunting, killing, devouring… all that kind of aggressive actions that take us closer to animals than rational human beings.

I don’t believe in that type of mindset. It simply doesn’t go with me.

You have to feel comfortable with your actions, how you live, the things you do… to achieve fulfillment in life. And we all look for fulfillment. Don’t lie to yourself. It’s a waste of time.

I don’t focus on sales that way.

In just 3 hours, I got all this:

  • A new client.
  • A loyal client.
  • A great feeling inside myself to make this sale but, mostly, for doing it the way I do believe it should be made. Fulfillment guaranteed. Period.

Believe in your product or service

Firstly and foremost, you have to believe in your product or service. That’s rule #1.

If you don’t believe in it, your future client will notice it.

There’s a huge difference in the sales process when you believe in your product or service.

When it is so, you get motivated, energy comes easily to you, motivation runs through your veins, you become a “selling machine” naturally.

Your words, your non-verbal communication, your brain, your thoughts… Everything’s aligned when you believe in your product or service.

That only can drive you to positive results if the client is really interested in your company, and he has the budget to buy your product or services.

Don’t force the client to “buy you”

When you’re with your future client, forget about selling anything.

Limit yourself to “tell your story”.

That will take the pressure out of you and, even more important, from your client.

People don’t like to be sold things. They like to feel they’re the ones who buy (voluntarily) “the thing”. This is an essential concept to be a good seller.

During my whole life, I’ve lived hundreds of situations in which “that sell” was a must because I do need it to survive (yes, that’s a standard scenario when you’re an entrepreneur, always living in “survival mode”).

I never made a sale in that mood.

All sales come when you’re relaxed and calm. That naturally communicates concepts such as security, confidence, and control to your client. Those are key concepts when talking about sales.

Dedicate time to your client

Just think how important and difficult it is to grab someone’s attention. Especially today, when we receive shots as soon as we wake up.

When you are in front of a future client, that’s a miracle, a moment to enjoy.

Don’t be in a hurry at that moment. Delight in it. There’s someone who will hear what your products or services are. He or she deserves respect, attention, and the most critical asset in life: time.

Listen to your future client’s needs, which problems they have, why they call you, how you can help them.

Take your time to explain your product or service perfectly. Dedicate time to it. Show how it can change your client’s life.

People have problems, and you have to be “the solution”.

Give inspiration to your client

I always recommend having a theoretical framework to explain your company, product, and/or services.

You need to be a teacher because you have to explain something.

A theoretical framework helps your future client understand your company, what your product or service provides. In essence, why you are offering what you’re presenting to them.

A theoretical framework communicates lots of concepts:

  • Solidity.
  • Security.
  • Know-how.
  • Experience.

That will take you to a position in which your future clients will pay you even more attention.

Without mentioning it, you have become an authority.

Give him solutions

You cannot hold your theoretical framework too long.

You need to move to pragmatism quickly.

You cannot sell air or smoke. That’s what liars and pirates do. You’re a professional who is convinced that your product or service will help your client.

So drive your speech quickly to:

  1. Explain what you’re offering.
  2. Why they should buy your products or services.
  3. What you solve.

That rapid movement from theory to pragmatism will shock your future client. Be sure of that!

There aren’t so many people out there with solid and clear arguments.

You will make feel your client the difference between you and your competitors.

You’re not a supplier, you’re a partner

Don’t look for one-off customers. The secret to success is in the recurring customers.

My first company started as a one-off client experience because our most essential services were based on creating and producing marketing and communications events. It was a big mistake.

As soon as we could, we started turning the company into a recurring income model. It took us years to make that change come true. Now, almost 20 years later, we’re mostly based on that model.

The most profitable clients are those who keep on buying your products or services for an extended period.

That’s why they will need you forever or, at least, a long time.

When you have loyal clients:

  • You don’t need to spend time (or money) to catch their attention. You have it already.
  • It’s much easier to sell products to a client that perfectly knows you.
  • You will keep on developing products and services based on your client’s needs. That will allow you to grow your company, to offer these products or services to any other client.


I always prepared my sales meetings based on a 30–45 minute length.

It always happens the same: they are easily extended to 2–3 hours.

Whenever the future clients start believing in your company and perceive that you’re giving them solutions, they see the light on you, the light they need to overcome their problems.

If you achieve that point, the sale will come out naturally.

Take my word for it!

Photo at the top courtesy of Cytonn Photography on Unsplash.

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