How to Manage 1 Critical Scenario For Entrepreneurs: Adversity

Nov 1, 2020

If you are an entrepreneur, adversity is the most common situation you will find every day.

What’s the normal status being an entrepreneur

When creating a business, losing money is what usually happens.

Success is not based on effort

Accepting effort does not guarantee results is learning how the entrepreneurship’s game goes.

Success is not based on effort, but I do think you cannot achieve success without effort.

Why don’t you stop doing A?

Our solution was to bet for other business models. Different types of services.

Mission : Impossible.

Optimism vs. Pessimism

You can choose any way of living because each situation always has these 2 perspectives: the positive one, the negative one.

I disagree with Mark Twain. A pessimistic is not a well-informed optimist.

The only way to manage adversity is by finding out solutions. Solutions come from motivation. Motivation only comes if you’re an optimistic person.

Tools to manage adversity


Photo at the top courtesy of James Pond on Unsplash.

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