How You Can Easily & Effortlessly Create a Habit With Just Your Reminder App

Nov 18, 2020

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I do believe in habits.

A life I wanted to improve.

The habit is something familiar at that stage, like brushing your teeth or putting your clothes on before going out to the street.

The process

Next stage: increase the time you practice it, and keep it doing daily.

Your habit-forming tool

That’s why my first step was to schedule them. I decided a length for each one and a time to do them.

I needed someone (or something) who indicated to me the pace, the rhythm when I should be doing that thing.

You have to look at each alarm this way. It’s like a good friend who’s telling you: “Hey, man, just in case you’re able to, you should be doing this”.

My schedule was, day by day, getting closer to that list of alarms I created not so many weeks ago.


You cannot lie to yourself. You have to see it as something that’s helping you to become a better self.

Don’t start with 8. Just try one. If it’s a “stupid” one, even better.

That’s all.

Habit after habit, you’re creating a new self, a better one, the one you thought was a dream, something impossible.

Photo at the top courtesy of Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash.

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