I Made 200 Days in a Row Practicing Yoga. How to Create a Habit that Will Change Your Life

Nov 1, 2020

Yoga’s become a key component of my life.

Great mistake: I didn’t think about creating a habit.

Second round.

Mixing HIIT and “chair HIIT” is not the right combination for human beings.

In life, you should always look for perfection. You will never reach it (because it’s impossible), but you will move forward towards it, and you will end up in a better scenario.

First: Think about habit frequency

It’s always better less amount of time but more frequency, if you really want that thing gets deep into your life and receive outcomes from it.

Second: Think about the length

Third: Think about the schedule

I always say that if you really want to do something that must be done at the beginning of the day. That increases the probability of achieving your goal tremendously.

Let’s do it!

When I finished my 10 minutes session, it was literally amazing.

That’s how I killed two birds with one stone!

My number of yoga practices

“The irrefutable evidence” # Practices — Photo by Author

My number of yoga hours

“The irrefutable evidence” # Hours — Photo by Author

I cannot express how well I feel.

Your body is not only prepared to lift dumbbells and sitting on a chair. He needs these recovery moments.


Photo at the top courtesy of Alessio Billeci on Unsplash.

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