My First $0.27 Earnings on Medium. Are You an Entrepreneur? Never Neglect These Vital Milestones!

Nov 1, 2020

I base my life on goal achievement.

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“The irrefutable evidence” — Photo by Author

I guess that doesn’t mean anything to you (I hope and wish you have more exciting things in your life than this “stupid” issue), but I’d like to share a thought that I’ll try to make useful to you.

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“The 3 culprits” — Photo by Author

I just needed to wait… How naive we newbies are…

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“My first month’s stats” — Photo by Author

27 cents were in.

As you can see, I still remember those 50 euros.

That’s why, as an entrepreneur, you shouldn’t neglect these moments.

Whenever you receive a payment from anyone, that means you’re giving real added-value to the market, no matter how significant that figure is.

That’s what those 27 cents mean.

The long term always pays off.

“I’m ignorant but not stupid, so that I can learn.”

— Jeffrey Madoff.

Action means movement.

Photo at the top courtesy of Aline de Nadai on Unsplash.

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