The Obsidian’s Feature that Allows You to Build the PKM of Your Dreams

2 min read

Day by day, I’m more hooked on Obsidian.

Why am I hooked on Obsidian?

It’s not for the speed, the endless customization, its flexibility…

I have hundreds of reasons.

Obsidian’s Most Essential Feature

For me, it’s being able to create (so easily) dynamism inside a note’s body.

It’s simply life-changing.

There’s no need to be a professional coder to implement things that can dramatically improve your daily workflow making you more productive without suffering at all.

My Most Recent Example

Thanks to Ellane W, I learned you can insert queries anywhere on a note’s body.

It sounds amazing, but that’s how life is.

After almost one year of using this app, I didn’t know this simple feature. Life gives you surprises. Obsidian too.

This simple feature allows me to show any info on my daily note based on my tagging system.

For example, my today’s tasks.

A simple query like this inserts a great automated workflow on my daily note:


Now, I can see all my today’s tasks on my daily note without moving a finger.

The good point is that you can create a tag anywhere all over Obsidian.

So, I just tag whenever something comes to mind, and I’m sure I’ll see that info on my daily note or wherever I create a query on any of my notes.

You can move things even further, inserting as many lines of code as you wish using a simple plugin like Dataview.

I insist, you don’t need to be an expert coder to create useful automation.


  • I cannot tell you how Obsidian has improved my PKM system and life.
  • It’s the best PKM I’ve ever had after +30 years dedicated to “this story”.


Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash.