Why I Can’t Stop Using Drafts App

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IMPORTANT ADVICE: there aren’t any affiliate marketing links, and I don’t receive anything at all from companies or people I mention in this article. I can’t help it! Even though a few months ago, I moved all my productivity system to Notion, there are a few apps I can’t stop using. When I moved into […]

IMPORTANT ADVICE: there aren’t any affiliate marketing links, and I don’t receive anything at all from companies or people I mention in this article.

I can’t help it!

Even though a few months ago, I moved all my productivity system to Notion, there are a few apps I can’t stop using.

When I moved into Notion, it was a centralization process in which I tried to process everything into just one software. A risky movement but, for me, life is that: taking controlled risks to improve oneself, to become a better self.

In my case, centralization pros outweigh risks cons.

One of the “surviving software” was Drafts.

I’m sorry to say this app is only developed to be used on Apple devices, so I apologize to those Windows or Android users who cannot use it. I insist that I do apologize because I love to share things that anyone can implement into his/her life.

Anyway, you can try to catch the concept and implement it using Google Keep or any other note-taking app.

I’ll tell you just 6 reasons why I keep using this amazing software that is enough for me to have it on the home screen of all my devices.

Let’s go!

Reason 1: Quick Data Entry

When talking about productivity, one of the most important moments to me is when an idea comes to your head.

It’s that unique “eureka-amazing” moment in which just one click can be the difference between failure or success.

Quick data entry is key to me. It’s when:

  • A great idea is born.
  • I have all my neurons focused on just one place.
  • All my energy and action are perfectly synchronized.

It sounds stupid, but when a huge stream of ideas comes to mind, you need to write them down quickly. They’re hanging like small soap bubbles that will disappear in a matter of seconds (even milliseconds).

That’s why I adore this app.

You just launch it, and a white blank screen with a blinking cursor ready for you to make that necessary memory dump appears.

  • No more clicks.
  • No more navigation.
  • No more detours.

I can’t describe how satisfying that sensation is.

How well I feel whenever I see my ideas safe and sound, written down and secure because they’re immediately and automatically sent to Apple’s iCloud.

You know those moments of inspiration are just that: a moment. You have to catch them and never let them go.

No matter when it is or where you are. No matter if you’re in a meeting or on your own. The critical point is just not losing anything at all.

I still haven’t found a faster way to make data entry like Drafts app does.

Reason 2: A big white screen

It could seem exactly the same reason as the previous one, but it’s not.

When you launch Drafts app, you discover a BIG white (black if you’re in dark mode, something I love even more) screen ready to write.

It’s crucial this subtle difference because I have found many apps that make the same, but you can’t find a BIG screen, “filling” your whole device. It’s a small one and full of distractions, not empty at all.

This is something critical because I do need room to feel comfortable so I don’t lose my concentration.

A huge canvas on which to express myself.

Reason 3: On any device

It doesn’t matter if I’m with my iPhone, iPad, Macbook, or iWatch.

It’s waiting for me.

Just 3 easy-to-do steps:

  1. Taking your device.
  2. Launching the app.
  3. Writing.

Even an all-thumbs guy like me executes this process in seconds or even less.

Reason 4: A memory buffer in the cloud

If I had to compare this application with a concept, I would define it as “a memory buffer in the cloud which goes with me everywhere”.

If we pay attention to this definition, it’s something incredible.

Priceless talking about productivity.

No matter where you are, you have an endless memory buffer in the cloud.

How I use it?

Just a “stupid” use case.

I hate Whatsapp’s data entry text box.

When I write something (I use to write big chunks of text), as I said before, I want a HUGE screen at my disposal.

That brings me nice feelings such as expansion, freedom, ability to express myself at my highest level.

  1. I always start writing on Drafts, no matter if it’s on my iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The one that’s the easiest to me depending on the circumstances (that’s freedom too…).
  2. When I’ve finished, I select all the text and select copy. Then, here comes the magic (this is an Apple’s feature, not Drafts).
  3. I go to any of my devices, open Whatsapp, and select “paste”.
  4. My text has been synchronized in the cloud, and it’s ready to paste into any of my devices.

I cannot ask for more.

By the way, I have to say that it’s amazing how this app synchronizes in the cloud. It’s real-time. As soon as I open the app on the other device, my note’s already there.

It’s great:

  1. To start an idea on my iPhone.
  2. Keep on developing it on my iPad while I’m waiting for someone, for instance.
  3. Finally, end it up on my Mac, giving it the last touches.

Again, easy-to-do productivity.

I love when things are easy in life.

Reason 5: Markdown

I love Markdown.

I just need two features when using this markup language:

  1. Bold.
  2. Headings.

Again, no complications. Simple life.

These markdown features help me to create a structure when writing quickly.

Just using bold and/or headings, I can create a basic structure and, later on, describe more precisely what’s inside each concept.

This easy-to-do structure lets me skim my text and see how I’m deconstructing my general idea, the points I’m touching.

Reason 6: Plain text

I love plain text.

I don’t need anything else to write my thoughts, ideas, and creativity.

Plain text is clean. I can copy and paste it without hesitation.

I can move my ideas to other apps to be processed.

I will never forget those times when using word processors copying and paste features made me feel scared when pasting because anything could appear on my screen.

Plain text equals:

  • No strange characters.
  • No strange symbols.
  • No disappearances.

Everything keeps in its place.


I just can say congratulations to these guys who develop such unique and simple apps.

I’ve just mentioned 6 main reasons, but I got dozens more.

Sending my notes to third apps is another one I could spend a day talking about.

Talking about software, there are specialized players in the market who have gone so deeply into a particular feature that you can’t replace them.

If you do so, you are losing the opportunity of using the best tool ever developed to execute that process.

There are times in which you can’t miss that.

Drafts app is one of those.

Photo at the top courtesy of David Travis on Unsplash.