You Don’t Need to Create a Company to Be an Entrepreneur

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With every crisis, the same thing always happens.

One of the most common responses advised by friends and even governments is this: “Create your own company”.

Even we think about it, plan it, and value it.

Along with this crisis and the previous ones (because there is and will always be a crisis in our lives…), it seems the solution to all the evils of society is to become an entrepreneur and create your own company.

I won’t discuss this point of view, but I do disagree with the “background” and the communication that generally takes place under these circumstances.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t mean, from my perspective, being an entrepreneur.

It sounds weird. That’s why I’ll explain myself below.

For me, an entrepreneur is about being professional. No more, no less.

A professional is a person who:

  • Has enthusiasm for his/her work.
  • Likes and enjoys what he/she does.
  • Worries every day about being better.
  • Wants to evolve.
  • Studies his/her competitors.
  • Studies his/her sector.
  • His/her philosophy of life is focused on proactivity. On doing, better than talking. On achieving, more than complaining.

And, for all this, you don’t have to create a company or be an entrepreneur. At least, that’s how I think.

I am writing this article because I have been an entrepreneur since 2002, and I can say, without hesitation, that being an entrepreneur implies having to dedicate time and energy to actions that are totally out of your professional profile.

Tasks and liabilities that are not pleasant at all, heavy, tough, boring, and, if you allow me, even “stupid”.

I’ve met through all my life amazing professionals who, unfortunately, failed when creating a company because of that.

To create a company means to be willing to sacrifice efforts directed to tasks related to:

  • administration,
  • management,
  • control,
  • measurement,
  • financing,
  • staff,
  • taxation,

And much more issues that, when you put them into practice, become even more difficult and nonsense.

If a professional finds a company that allows him/her to do everything that I previously specified in the definition of the term, he/she will have found a way to be an entrepreneur that has nothing to do with creating a company.

He/she will be able to:

  • Focus on what he/she really likes.
  • Be able to have his/her opinions heard and applied inside the company.
  • See his/her professional projects grow.
  • Be trained.
  • Live with intensity every day.

And, all this, without the need for additional and unnecessary worries, risks, or loss of time.

In short, being an entrepreneur avoiding all the cons.

Today’s society is changing so quickly than actions or routines such as:

  • “Bread for all”,
  • unjustified positions,
  • unproductive meetings,
  • empty speeches

And many more similar attitudes/actions are part of the past (faster and sooner than some people might think).

This is how I describe it here (“Why You Should Ask Yourself This, If You’re an Entrepreneur: How Will We Work Tomorrow?“) and here (“I Have Good News For You: You’ll Have Your Dream Job“).

Companies are demanding more and more:

  • professionals,
  • who want to develop a project in their sphere of activity,
  • providing them with the means and structures to give free rein to their energy,
  • channeling it correctly,
  • and making their project and the company’s both grow exponentially.

No loss of time.

Taking advantage of the resources that each component can contribute.

In short, being pragmatic.

I firmly believe in this work philosophy because I have put it into practice for more than 2 decades with spectacular results, establishing solid and lasting relationships with all the people who have wanted to share their projects with us.

We both:

  • Have grown.
  • Have moved forward.
  • Have learned.
  • Have evolved.

We’ve all become better because WIN-WIN relationships always provide these kinds of results.

From my point of view, it’s another way to create “a company”, with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks.

Wouldn’t you like to be an entrepreneur like that? I certainly would.

Photo at the top courtesy of Content Pixie on Unsplash.