You Just Need These 12 Tools to Become Paperless, Even If You’re a Beginner

Nov 1, 2020

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I’m a paperless guy.

You always need a why to do or become something in life.

Before starting, I will make a series of previous warnings:

1. Write it down something very quickly.

It’s my one and only entry point to create a piece of information in my system.

2. Take notes.

It’s one of my loved ones.

3. Remind something.

I have to say this software is impressive because of its simplicity and because it has a feature I love.

4. Do things and organize how you will do them.

Omnifocus is not as opened as 2Do, but it’s another level.

5. Easily create lists of things, such as your shopping list.

6. Schedule an event or meeting.

That’s why I get the best of both, which is A LOT.

7. Have all your information safe and sound… and accessible everywhere at any moment.

If I’m using a software provider such as Google, and I’m happy with it, I try to meet as many needs as possible with that provider because that simplifies things a lot.

8. Write a letter, essay, or that type of document.
9. Make a presentation.
10. Calculate things using formulas and some advanced operations.

11. Manage your personal finances.

I haven’t been able to find any better application to manage my personal finances.

12. Journal.

13. Save your most critical information: passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts…

14. Take handwritten notes or draw because your life doesn’t make sense just typing.

Something great about this kind of software is that you can do text searches, and they can do those searches even inside your own handwriting.


Each of us is different and sees life in our own way.

Photo at the top courtesy of Alex on Unsplash.

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